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Becoming a new Disney mom


“Straight from heaven up above, here is a baby for you to love” ~ Disney’s Dumbo

A new journey is beginning and I’ll admit– I’m scared.

My husband and I have recently bought a new house and we are expecting a baby boy in October 2015. One day I know he might be reading this and man, I hope he understands pregnancy is very tough both mentally and physically. Of course, being a boy, he won’t truly understand how it feels to have another living organism inside, but I pray that he realizes the depth of a living being that is a responsibility and can change your whole life.

As Disney parents, my husband and I decided to have a baby blue Mickey Mouse theme room and our baby shower which was on August 15th was amazing and fun!

baby cake baby shower decor

With the love of our parents, family, and friends (which btw, thank you so much for the ones who are truly there for our new family member, I can’t emphasis that enough), we have toys for him to play with and a cute bedding set.

baby wall baby cribI’m nervous and scared for the future, and I only wish to be a great parent that will raise a son into a man with fine moral standards. I have to be strong and continue to believe in myself, even though it’s difficult sometimes… May God bless every family out there and all the new parents.

Thank you for all those who support Nick and I. We are truly blessed.

baby 24 wks

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