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Disney Ends 60 Years of Coca-Cola Partnership and Works with Pepsi

It has been 60 years since Coca-Cola started working with Disney… since the opening day back in July 17, 1955 and now, it’s over.

Disney will be partnering up with Pepsi starting July 4, 2015 which is also Pepsi’s 50th birthday. Frito-Lay has been available to all Disney theme parks and extending their contract to include soft drinks was the idea.

Disneyland’s Refreshment Corner will have Pepsi fountain drinks and be changed to be called Club Cold sponsored by Pepsi.

Photo from Flickr

At World Disney World, the famous Club Cool which featured coke flavors from around the world will be changed to Mountain Dew’s Refreshment Corner, and will feature Mountain Dew drinks like Code Red, Voltage, Throwback, White Out, Live Wire, Johnson City Gold, Game Fuel Citrus Cherry, Game Fuel Lemonade, Baja Blast, and Solar Flare.

Photo from flickr

I think the switch will definitely be a change, I’m used to opening a bottle of coca-cola and imagining Walt Disney doing the same… I’m not too sure how it’s going to be. What do you think of the switch?

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